1st Blog From the Accra Group :)

As the previous blog denoted, the Wli falls were breathtaking… and legendary friendships were created during our hike!

Next stop: a little city called Ho. For the continuation of our orientation, Anna and Achelle set up a scavenger hunt in the city. Taking pictures of batik, banku, kente, plantain, and other typical Ghanaian stuff was one part of the hunt. The other involved extracting information about the geography, health system, history, politics, and languages of Ghana from the locals. I think we all agree that we finally encountered the Ghana we have all heard about so much: the nicest people ever, who will gladly go out of their way to help others! It was awesome.

The weekend was met with anticipation and sadness. Anticipation for finally beginning our placements in Sandema or Accra; sadness because our group now becomes two groups. The Sandema group left us Saturday morning for a loooong trip up north, while the Accra group stayed behind and left Sunday morning for Accra. After only a week spent together, strong friendships were formed within our group.

Once in Accra, we met up with our host families. From all our comparisons, they all sound pretty awesome. Common theme: we are all treated like royalty. They are all so accomodating and generous, it sometimes feels a little overwhelming. Apparently it’s just Canadians and Americans don’t know how to accept help… Im sure we’ll get used to is pretty fast!

Our placements at the National Cardiothoracic Center started yesterday. After some delays for approval from the right people, we all got to do pretty cool stuff. In groups of 2, some of us got to follow the medical students around in the ward, others were in the OPD watching ECGs, and the other group was in the ICU. Today a couple of us got to watch an open heart surgery from the room adjacent to the OR. Pretty awesome!

We are looking forward to the rest of our placement here! We are also looking forward to our trip to Cape Coast this weekend. And we are still missing our fellow backpackers who are in Sandema 🙁 We hear they are having a pretty great time though!

We want to say hi to all our friends and families!