2015 Partnership Report

As we ramp up for yet another summer of great adventure and positive impact, we know how important it is to look back on our experiences. As such, it is with great excitement that we present our 2015 Partnership Report.

In the summer of 2015, our backpacktivists raised an impressive total of $160,380.90 that has positively impacted dozens of communities across the globe.

This report outlines all of the projects and partners we supported last year and critically assesses our impact as an organization. You’ll find the inspiring partners we worked with, the specific projects we worked on, and the impact our collaboration had both on communities abroad and on our participants.


Most importantly, you’ll also find the areas we are working to improve on. As much as we want to share our successes from this past year, we also want to be open and honest about our challenges. We want to demonstrate how we are learning from these experiences, moving forward from them, and continuing to grow as an organization and as partners.

We, at Operation Groundswell, are continually humbled by and grateful for our community’s support in growing our network of socially conscious and globally active backpackers. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

’til next time,
Fundraising Coordinator