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5 Reasons Why You Want to Go on Our East Africa: Youth In Action Program

This summer, we’re heading to Kenya and Tanzania to for our first-ever Youth in Action program! We’re super excited to explore this region for a whole lot of reasons. But to whet your appetite…here are our top 5!

5. The Program Leaders!

With nearly 50 years of real life experience between them, Mike and Meg have certainly lived! Both avid travellers, they’ve experienced the joys of spending huge chunks of time travelling through Kenya and Tanzania. With Meg currently working with an NGO in Tanzania and Mike working to recruit students for a sub-Saharan scholarship program, their passion for this region is boundless. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also the only known OG Program Leaders to inscribe each other’s name on their own lower backs.

Meg and Mike hennas

4. Have you ridden in a Mutatu?!

While most of these vehicles were originally used for light tourist expeditions, upon arriving in Kenya and Tanzania they were repurposed and used for longer distance hauls. While you may have complaints about your local public transportation, nothing quite beats the severely cramped conditions, high likelihood of travelling with livestock and blaring African rhythms blasting from the sound systems. An experience all in their own, and one that is not to be missed.


3. Safari…ON A BIKE?!

Even we’re surprised this was only #3, but it speaks to just how phenomenal this program is going to be. Nowadays everyone goes on a safari the old-fashioned way, using some type of SUV-like vehicle, equipped with copious amounts of guides and gear. We get back to nature with this low-carbon, high-energy spin through Hells Gate National Park. Rumour has it that there are hot springs as well, and Mike and Meg are determined to indulge!

Biking through Hells Gate National Park

2. Food, food, food!

Perhaps the most underrated international cuisine, Kenyan and Tanzanian food has scarcely made a dent outside of their respective countries. While Japanese, Thai and Indian dishes have become ubiquitous throughout North America, the dishes of Kenya and Tanzania remain shrouded in mystery. Try Sukuma Wiki, which roughly translates into Braised Collard Greens with Tomato. Or, why not tempt your taste buds with a Kenyan Rice Pilau!

Sakuma Wiki

1. Fostering community-driven change

This program will change your perceptions of Africa, and you’ll be contributing to exciting community-centred change. We’re working with some seriously passionate and hard working organizations who are positively impacting communities throughout Kenya and Tanzania from a grassroots level. Meg and Mike have worked tirelessly to forge these relationships and partnerships and they can’t wait to introduce other passionate individuals to the cause!

Community-driven change
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