A Great Day to Have a Great Day

Written by Sarah Bailey and Wilmary Rodriguez, 2016 Ghana: Global Health

“It’s a great day to have a great day.”

We were all mentally preparing ourselves for this 6-8 hour hike in the scorching heat, but what we weren’t mentally prepared for was hiking that in the middle of a thunderstorm. You may think, “Oh, hiking in the rain? That sounds a lot better than in the heat.” The rain may have helped with the heat, but you forgot about hiking downhill through mud and slippery rocks. Let’s just say it was terrifying, especially when we accidentally took the wrong path and ended up in the middle of a mud slide. I can honestly say that no one in the group had ever experienced something like that, although what shocked me most was how well the entire group came together to support and help each other when we all needed it most. We had only known each other for 3 days at this point, and we all came together as one to help one another and finally make it to our final destination – the waterfall!

Going back home we couldn’t think of anything more than what a breathtaking  experience this was and the cold shower that awaited us. To our surprise, our host Annie had boiled warm water for each one of us! The Ghanaian hospitality goes beyond our needs. What is better than a warm shower followed by some pasta with tomato sauce, watermelon, and a talk in which the group was laughing and describing the incredible experience that we all had shared? It’s moments like these where one realizes the power of groups with a common goal, and we are grateful to have lived this experience together in beautiful Wli, Ghana.