A Hoedown with Ockenden

Written by 2015 Southeast Asia: Animal Conservation

During our first work project with Ockenden Cambodia, an organization that works to encourage sustainability by training farmers to use sustainable agricultural practices, we were tasked with the mission of planting 1500 trees!

We planted many trees at a rural elementary school, many around the demonstration farm, and even more at the local high school. One day, we were tasked with digging 25 holes on the school yard of the high school to prepare the harsh soil for the next days tree planting ceremony with the British Ambassador, whose government donated money to Ockenden’s tree planting campaign.

When we arrived and swung the first hoe down, we all felt like this easy mission would be impossible. The soil was hard and dry, like bedrock. Under the scorching heat we dug and dug. We were determined to dig these 25 holes that had to be a meter by a meter. Switching off and taking breaks and playing games under the shade seemed to work best for the team. And finally we had done it: determination turned into satisfaction!