A Look at OG’s Alternative Reading Week Program

“Things don’t always work out as planned but they always work out” is a phrase that the backpacker (and OG) has come to embrace. And although OG’s first Alternative Reading Week Program did not completely work out as planned, it did a whole lot more than just work out.

This morning, amidst the chaos caused by construction on the only route ascending Lago Atitlan’s steep volcanic slopes and by Antigua’s famous pre-Easter celebrations which shut down one of only two roads in and out of the cobblestoned city, OG participants raced by all means of transport to La Aurora Airport. As time ticked by the shuttle pulled up to curb and weary travellers barrelled out. Bags were quickly tagged and customs forms completed. And with a few hurried hugs, OG ARW ended the only way the 8 day whirlwind adventure in Guatemala ever could. TIG!

But now that bums find themselves firmly planted in their respective seats and the seat belt sign shines overhead, let’s take a moment to look back at one incredible program and the 9 inspired participants that made it.


Farming fairly without Fair Trade 

Learning to love pig poop with As Green As It Gets

OG Gets Crafty

OG Goes Back In Time

Takalik Abaj

This archeological site, Takalik Abaj, is one of the first pieces evidence of the Mayan Civilization (800 B.C.).

Cage Match: Santa Anita La Union/OG versus the Roya epidemic

Stopping to Smell the Roses