A Place Where Obama Underwear Is Always In Fashion

MIREMBE MNO MNO MNO MNO (Alot Alot Alot Alot of Peace in Kimaragoli)

Right now the most epic of East African Teams is chilling in the cool Kenyan rains after a week of intense work in Maragoli, the OG’s East African Home base. We’ve been so lucky to each have a bed to ourselves, well except for Princess Julian and Gillian who snuggle tight under the mosquitto net night after night! This week has flown by as we have been working in teams to get through three community projects this week, where the majority of our fundraised money is going towards.

Our first project has been the North Maragoli Special Education school where the team has been lifting huge rocks, thousands of bricks and over a fifty bags of cement to construct the floor and foundation of a dormitory which will house children who have special needs and cannot be accommodated at home. We’ve been learning how to manage large scale construction projects from Boss (Emmanuel) and the team can now drive a hard bargain for cement, wood and other materials. It’s crazy how fast the work is getting done, but it’s such an epic feeling!

The second project has been to try and figure out the struggling Community Resource Centre. We’ve been seeing the impacts of corruption on a local community and are working to formulate an income generating business plan which will help to sustain the Resource Centre without foreign assistance. We have also visited local schools to derive a curricula of books for Secondary School and Primary School students to be able to use at the centre. We have been able to source one book for each subject in every grade up to college, which should benefit the young people in this community greatly.

Finally we have been working with Students for International Development on the Fairview School for vulnerable children and children with HIV/AIDS. We are working on constructing desks to help the baby class pass their basic tsts to get into public school. We have also looked into getting this school registere and may continue working on this project further.

Aside from projects we have been chilling with host families, eating the ever-amazing food from our friend and chef, William (looking forward to a big steak dinner tonight), chowing down on the most delicious mango’s of life, celebrating birthdays with cake and Obama underwear, celebrating Maharamba day to tuskers and a local mariachi type band, drinking smokey water, playing 3 hour long games of “what’s that name?” and just loving life to the absolute MAX!

Tomorrow we are off to ride some epic class five rapids in Jinja Uganda where for the first time we will have access to UNLIMITED HOT SHOWERS, which I’m sure everyone who comes near our team will appreciate (it’s been a while since most of us have seen soap!)