Accepting applications till February 5th. Hurry!

As the weather begins dipping below that magical freezing point, our thoughts begin to wander to warmer, beachier places. Groundswell HQ is feeling the freeze no thanks to the performance of our lukewarm heating system. If water was at this room temperature, it would definitely give you brain freeze.

What’s keeping us warm on this abnormally cold day? Excitement! OG is getting more buzz than ever. Applications are flying in this year at a crazy pace. We’re already beginning to see trips filling up and we still have 5 months before our first summer trip kicks us off. We’ve also officially opened Round 2 Applications for a short time. If you want to have the summer of your life, get your application in by February 5th. The sooner you get it in, the better your chances of getting accepted!

So what are you waiting for?