All Good Things Must Have A Beginning….

Jess is in Singapore. Cora is in Vietnam. Sidney is in India. Rob is in the US. Isha, Matt, Kylie and Kelia are in Canada. Katie, Marlie and Fiona are on the beaches of Koh Phi Phi. Alex is on Koh Phangan. Mike and I are in Bangkok. Our global family is now scattered throughout this not so big world.

After six weeks, our crew of complete strangers are now a family. We wandered through Thailand and Cambodia together. We mastered the hustle. We learned to wait. We saw monks, monkeys, elephants, break dancers, hill tribes, tears, smiles, schools, prisons, tuk tuks, boats, planes, and trains. We tried fruits of every color, noodles and rice of every variety, crickets and tarantulas. We saw beautiful beaches and slums. We hiked up mountains though the jungles. We conquered fire ants, spikey trees, sun burns, bacterial infections, cuts, bug bites, bus rides, home sickness and fears.  We experienced the good, bad and the ugly of tourism then turned around and poured as much love, energy and positivity as possible into the void. We learned we are stronger than we think. We learned that we are not the change but are part of the process. We learned they were wrong when they said we couldn’t change the world – we just have to start with ourselves. We challenged ourselves. We pushed our boundaries. We changed.

Hugging good bye is always a difficult thing to do. Parting is often viewed as the end of a journey. Going home as the end of an adventure. All good things must come to an end, right? Or maybe this trip was just the beginning….