Anna is in Accra!!

and OGWAM has eagerly taken its first step into Ghana!

I arrived yesterday night, greeted at the airport by the gentlemanly Tito, a friend of our contact and good friend at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Patrick, and am currently staying at the medical students hostel at Korle Bu. Today I managed to purchase a phone and so can exclusively reveal the numbers by which Achelle and myself can be contacted.

My number is +233 200623639, Achelle’s will be (when she arrives) +233 202904357. family and friends looking to contact any OGWAM participants can get a hold of them through us.

Over the next few days I will be ensuring that host families and placements are good to go in Accra and then on Saturday or Sunday I’ll begin the journey up north to join the discovery team in Sandema to finalize arrangements up there.

Meanwhile the rest of the team at home are getting ready and psyched for some serious adventure time. and Achelle remains somewhere in the air on her way back from Kenya (crazy lady!).

12 days till OGWAM descends upon Ghana en mass!

til the next blog, anna x