Annnd break

This morning, amid rainshowers and throngs of excited children, the last rope was fastened in a playground in a small barrio outside the jungle capital, Iquitos. The Amazon Adventure crew has worked hard, and even sacrificed their own Independant Travel Time, to finish this last project.

The playground and murals in El Porvenir, the water tank, stairs and community building in Meliton Carbajal, are all projects that we worked incredibly hard on in the past three weeks. Everyone in the group definitely deserves their ITT and here is a rundown of what they have planned:

Cass Sica, Ashley Clemens and Britty Viazzi are headed to Arequipa. After flying to Lima, they are taking an overnight bus there and plan on doing the Colca Canyon trek. Also traveling with them will be Amadeo Patuelli and Emilie Maeda, after they spend a night in Lima. (Emilie: 51 987560968)

Lacey Corbett and Lauren Whittaker are headed to the coast for a little relaxation on the beaches of Mancora and Huanchaco. (Lacey: 51 957869806)

Christina Daneils, Lindsay Brent, Kate Ito and Katie Corr are currently in Cuzco, celebrating Independence Day. They will be climbing the Salkantay Mountain before Macchu Picchu in a few days. (Katie: 957974134)

Yexenia Vanegas will be staying with a friend in Lima.

Trip leaders Laura and Jonah will be heading south on Friday before going whitewater rafting in Cañete, checking in on last trip´s partners in Pisco and getting a little R&R in Huacachina before Disorientation officially begins on August 5th at 6 pm.

Hoo hoo! ITT is underway and we will all be flying home in just under two weeks! Get excited family and friends!

Until next time,

The Amazon Adventure Team