Learning the Art of Living in Peru

Written by Catie and Mary, 2014 Peru Mind & Body.

Arriving in Lima was definitely one of the most exciting moments of our lives and Program Leaders Meg and Zack made our airport pickups loads of fun! Where the Operation Gringos at?! That’s us right there!

In the week that followed, we explored Lima’s parts, food, and people. We learned inside and outside of the classroom. In Spanish classes, we learned how to barter while shopping and in our Art of Living class, we learned how to meditate with Kriya breathing.

The Art of Living Cooking Class
This class was really the turning point for our group. It was an emotionally and physically intense experience for all of us as we really dug into meditation and spiritual development. After just a few days of living, cooking, and learning together, we became a close family (even set apart our  Canadian/American rivalry ;)).

2014 Peru Mind and Body team
The rest of our stay in Lima was filled with Mario Kart themed scavenger hunts, ceviche and playing Frogger with the insane traffic.

Then we were off to Cusco and as much as we loved Lima, a little bit of sunshine and fresh air was overdue. After a 22-hour bus ride (and countless movies and motion sickness), we came upon the most picturesque views of the trip so far. The valleys and mountains leading to Cusco looked surreal and we spent hours staring at the sights on the bus.

Sacred Valley
Cusco took our breath away (literally and figuratively) and walking around its cobblestone streets makes you feel like you’re in a movie. After a wonderful veggie dinner last night, we’re packing up for our first project in Maska.

May the organic farming commence!
2014 Peru Mind & Body