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Author: Operation Groundswell

Finishing Coops in Kampala
East Africa

Getting down in Gulu: East Africa Discovery heads north!

Written by Linda Ozromano, program leader, 2014 East Africa Discovery As team East Africa Discovery was finishing our first volunteer project in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, we felt very lucky to have worked with RWEYOWA. Our time spent working with them gave us much confidence

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Community Centre
South America

Strengthening Partnerships in the Peruvian Amazon

Written by Mikel, Program Leader, Peru Amazon Adventure 2014 After a ram-jammed four weeks of Bristol stool charts, Gorilla mountains, chicken boats, frisky monkeys, snakes, jungle boys and dentists called Carlos, two youth centers and a powerful start to a future community library, the Early

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Asian Elephants
Southeast Asia

Baby Turtles, Freaky Dolphins and Elephant Selfies

Written by the 2014 Southeast Asia: Animal Conservation team Last you heard from us we were about to board a night bus from Chiang Mai that ultimately brought us into the Kingdom of Cambodia. Since then we have gotten a big taste of what this little

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West Africa

Global Health from a Ghanaian Perspective

Do you have what it takes to be thrown into a mission where you must  get locals to partake in lending you crabs for crab racing pleasure, fillet a fish, or roam around the unknown market of Elmina to find the one and only fisher

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