Got A Buddy? Join OG’s Buddy Referral Program!

So we hear you’re going on an adventure of a lifetime this summer…a.k.a. an OG program! We’re super stoked that you’ve decided to get off the beaten path and join us around the world! There’s nothing quite better than that…

…except of course, sharing the sublime experience you’re about to have with your friends! At OG, we’re excited to introduce our Buddy Referral Program! For every deposit-paying early summer applicants that you refer, you’ll receive a $200 credit for your program. Pretty sweet deal, right? It gets better. The friend that you refer will also receive a $100 credit for his or her program! Win, win, and win!

So get your friends to join you this summer cuz remember…friends don’t let friends not go on OG trips!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Referred friends must be applicants for our 2013 early summer programs
  • Referred friends must pay their deposits on time
  • You will only receive the credit once your referred friends pay their deposits.

Got more questions? Give our Communications and Outreach lady, Michelle, a shout at [email protected].

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