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Category: Middle East

Another side of Tel-Aviv

Yesterday we visited Tel-Aviv, Israel’s internationally recognize capital. But instead of the Tel-Aviv of skyscrapers, the beach, or “Israel’s New York”, we saw only the area around the bus station. People talk about tourism which covers up the grittier parts of a city – well,

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Mmmmmm…. Siesta

Hey OG-ME followers, I took the liberty of reposting this blog from http://ogmiddleeast.wordpress.com/ where they’ve been blogging. Enjoy! ______________________________________________ Food, sleep and Play Twelve days into our expedition and once again the majority of the group is partaking in what is quickly becoming ritual behaviour

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More blogs!

Wondering where all the OG-Middle East blogs are? Look no further: http://ogmiddleeast.wordpress.com/ A special blog just to call our own… It’s all right here.

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Canada day and OGME day… what a day, day!

Greetings from the holy land! Our first wave of participants have arrived and this trip has gotten off to a pretty spectacular start. Rich got in at 5:25am and is somehow still awake, God knows how. Everybody made it through security in a secure fashion

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