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A day in Medellin

We rolled into Medellin just in time to see the sun rise over this mountain valley.  After a pit-stop at the home of our new friends Jaun Paulo and Laura (<3), we were off to see the city.  The city’s metro system includes a gondola

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7 days in Nashira Ecovillage

Here, summarized by one of our group members, is what we’ve been up to in rural Colombia for the past week: Nashira is a matriarchal society, meaning the women are the heads of their households, and only women sit on the committees making the decisions

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Disorientation…and goodbyes :(

After six weeks together the group is now starting to disperse one by one. Sonny and Rachel depart at 9pm tonight, while Hannah leaves at 4am. Sanjna will be leaving tomorrow morning, and Anika, Arielle, and myself are off tomorrow night. It is hard to

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Guyana: Off Deh Grid and into Deh Wata

A blog in 3 parts Part I: Chris It has been a crazy Precon here in South America for Jo and Chris. Chris has spent the last 3 months traveling through south america. He backpacked along the Coast of Brazil and then Wondered into the

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Guyana 2011: And we’re off … (the grid)

It was a long journey from Boston to Georgetown , Guyana that took over 32 hours. But this adventurer has learned from years of journeys that a rocky start bodes well for a grand adventure in the months to come. My impromptu layover in NYC

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