Chennai Concluded

Chennai, Chennai, Chennai…..

Is there a better way to be introduced into India’s randomness than by having an after party in your two story condo with a bunch of strangers part of a redbull campaign??? I don’t think so. The entire OG team was completely thrown off to learn that our accommodation (which we landed for free) had also been promised to a red bull campaign team that night. After the entire group finally arrived in Chennai this is what kickstarted their epic journey throughout India.

Lenin, the man genorous enough to give us his two story condo (equipped with computers and meals constantly prepared for the entire team), showed the OG India team what life is like in India when you are well connected. Our three day stay here was filled with relaxation, shopping, and getting everybody cellphones.

One of the girls lost her luggage on the flight over. Unfortunately, she had to leave Chennai without her bags and without the airline even being able to locate them. But all is well that ends well and four days later the two of us made the four hour journey back up to Chennai to collect her much missed backpack. After all, the best way to enter into a foreign land with a boom is to arrive with nothing but the clothes on your back. Now that’s what I call adventurous.