2015 Early Bird Promo

The Early Bird Catches the Trip!

Have you heard the latest news? It’s big, it’s exciting, and it may just change your life…

That’s right, the much anticipated Early Bird is back!

It might be a frigid -33°C at our head office in Toronto, but somewhere the sun is shining, the warm breeze is blowing, and the worms are wriggling. Some birdy somewhere is going to catch more than just a worm – they’re getting the trip of a lifetime!

We’re excited to announce that anyone who applies before our early bird deadline on February 26 will be automagically entered in a raffle to win a free trip with OG. All you gotta do is tell us where you wanna go. It’s really that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our programs today!

Apply by February 26 for a chance to win a free trip!

** Hold up! Let us cover our bases: Only those who have been interviewed and are accepted on our six-week programs are eligible to catch the trip. Prize only covers the program fee and does not include your flights, community contribution, travel insurance, and personal expenses (such as gifts, souvenirs, independent travel time, etc.) The winner will be notified and announced on February 27.