East Africa Trip

Welcome one and all to the first ever OG East Africa trip blog.

With just over a month until the team’s departure date everyone is getting amped up for camping, volunteering, and all manners of adventure. All of the participants have been working hard to fundraise in support of the partners we will be working with in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The team has thrown themselves into the task with vigor and have been having successful parties for a purpose, boat cruises, concerts and more. We are thrilled to be traveling with such an enthusiastic group of young adventurers.

I (Trip Leader Jo Sorrentino) am off this very morning to fly to Nairobi for “precon” to greet all of our local partners and setup for the teams arrival. With nothing but a bag on my back and an extra skip in my step it feels good to be back on the road. As soon as I arrive I will post my local phone number. This will be the number that the team can be reached on during the trip. This number will also be posted on the ‘Contact’ page under emergency contact numbers. You can always contact me through email at [email protected]

Stayed tuned for more East African Adventure! Its time to brush up on my Swahili.

Kwaheri Marafiki,

Jo Sorrentino