“Everyone in our group has already eaten crickets and would do it again.”

After landing in the sweltering heat of Thailand, Bangkok can be described as nothing short of a sensory overload!  Between the wall of heat that greets you one step out of the airport door, the neon pink taxis with steering wheels on the opposite side of familiarity, the sky scrapers, the monks, the long tail boat river taxis, the dozens of pad tai vendors, and the vintage looking tuk tuks with their too-good-to-be-true deals, Bangkok is an intense city of extremes. In other words, a perfect place to kick off our journey together!

For our fifth year in operation we are starting the adventure off with a crew of 18 OGer’s in the “Venice of the East.” Running four trips through the region this summer, our intimate Discovery crew has teamed up with the Animal Conservation group for our time in Bangkok. No matter where you go, with 18 people it’s always a party!

We’ve familiarized ourselves with the backpacker bubble of Khao San Road where shopping, food, and a beer or cocktail are never far from reach. We spoiled ourselves with delicious food, pedicures, Thai massages, and used books while we shook off our jet lag.

The teams are currently doing a temple run to Wat Arun with their personal expert on Bangkok and temple tour guide, Sidney. Yesterday the Discovery crew competed and defeated the two rival Animal Conservation crews in the Great Bangkok Scavenger Hunt. A staple in every OG SEA trip! The race was close as teams made friends with strangers, took creeper pictures of monks, tried out all the various modes of transportation, ate different fruits and learned all about this crazy city. BUT the Discovery team pulled a win with their ability to recite the numbers 1 to 10 in Thai. Boo ya!!! Glorious prizes of tiger balm, baby powder and electrolytes will be distributed this afternoon.

We burst the Khao San bubble tonight when we take off for Chiang Mai, while the Animal Conservation team heads further north to Chiang Rai.  From 18 “farang”, we are going to become 7. Cooking classes, yoga, meditation, monk chats, live music, night markets, and muay thai fights are in the near future – let the adventure begin!!!

Looking forward to an amazing summer!!! Stay tuned to our blog for more adventures to come!
Amanda, Sidney, and the Discovery Crew

P.S. Everyone in our group has already eaten crickets and would do it again!!! Off to a good start.

P.P.S. If you need to get a hold of us during our stay in Thailand, feel free to call us at these numbers:
Sidney + 66-906-746-182 or Amanda +66-870-502-657

A note from the main office: Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-422-0164 for anything from little questions to big emergencies. We’re here for you too!