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Getting Our Groove on with Tiny Toones

Cambodia’s got a special place in Operation Groundswell’s heart. Why you might ask? It’s home to one of our coolest and longest running partners: Tiny Toones! Tiny Toones is a unique non-profit organization that uses break-dancing and the culture of hip-hop to engage, inspire and educate marginalized and underprivileged youth in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their mission is to provide a safe, positive environment for at‐risk youth to channel their energy and creativity into the arts and education, empowering them to build self‐confidence in their daily lives, aim for better employment possibilities, and feel supported pursuing their dreams.

Every summer we are lucky enough to work closely with them on what has become a yearly tradition…our leadership retreat! Our fearless and awesome program leaders, Samnang and Amanda, have made this special video for you to get an inside look of our time with Tiny Toones in years past.

On this year’s Cities & Sanctuaries program, we will venture off the beaten path to experience Khmer culture first-hand through meaningful service and learning initiatives. Engage with Cambodians of all walks of life from local farmers, historians, monks and fishermen to street kids, artists, break-dancers and deportees. We will learn about the ongoing struggle of Cambodians for justice, democracy, education and development in the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime and recent genocide. Our journey will take us back in time to the glory of the Angkor Empire and through time as we learn about Cambodia’s bright future.

What are you waiting for? Join our Cities & Sanctuaries team!

what are you waiting for?