Go Blackstars!

Hello friends and family!

After long flights and trotro rides, the majority of the group has finally arrived in Ghana, and are currently in Kumasi. We spent our first night in Accra at a pretty sweet place right on the Atlantic coast. Then the next day, after a breakfast of pancakes and omlettes, we made our way for Kumasi via bus, and have been here since yesterday.

Unfortunately, Jeremy Fuller, one of our participants, had been delayed on his flight to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was to meet myself, Ahad, Chris, Amy, and Khush, which caused him to miss the flight to Accra. His flight is expected to arrive on Saturday morning, and Andy has stayed back in Accra to greet him and accompany him to Kumasi to meet up with the rest of the group. Hopefully they will be able to make it here in time for the Ghana vs. Australia match in the afternoon (Go Black Stars!!)

Once the group is together, we plan on heading up north, to Sandema, which will serve as our home for the next few weeks. We are all very excited to make that eight hour journey on bumpy roads and in sweaty clothes! Some group members have bought phones of their own, and we will also have internet access in Sandema, along with the phones of the trip leaders (whose numbers are listed on the contact page), so we will be keeping in touch!


The OGWAD Team