OG Guatemala Goes Off the Grid for Work and a Fiesta!

We know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us but we’ve been off the grid completely in the past two weeks. Our first stop was Santa Anita la Union, a quaint coffee-farming community of ex-guerrillas with two distinct identities: APCASA and AMPASA. We lived, learned and worked alongside both groups for the week, making it hard to say goodbye when the time came.

The next week brought us to the tiny, remote village of Tzibal, one of our partner communities from last year where we worked with the local community on the 2011 initiated project, La Cancha (keep your eyes peeled for our next blog post which will include updates and photos about this huge project!).

But of course, a visit to Tzibal isn’t complete without a grand fiesta. This year the community went above and beyond with a welcoming reception that drew out even the district’s Mayan priest, a pretty big deal to say the least! As usual the week went by far too quickly. Between the welcoming fiesta, a hard couple days of work, a tour of unmapped caves, and the best tortillas in the country, absolutely no one wanted to leave come Friday.

Words simply don’t do the past two weeks justice…

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