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Don’t Be Hatin’ – Its Haitian Education Orientation for the Nation!

8 awesome girls. 6 life-changing weeks. 4 English schools/summer camp programs. 1 boomtown Operation Groundswell trip.

Welcome to OG Haiti Education! Our crew of 8 lovely ladies arrived yesterday safe and sound. And sweaty. And awesome. Upon arrival, they immediately displayed said awesomeness by walking from the airport directly to English In Mind (EIM), one of Port-au-Prince’s only adult English schools offered entirely for free. The excitement on everyone’s faces was quite obvious. Our crew will be working each day with EIM to assist with exam prep (the students are working under the Cambridge certification system) and run extra-curricular reading, writing and conversation classes. In addition, we’ll be offering 1-on-1 tutoring for the Haitian teachers to assess their instruction techniques and teaching styles. All English. All the time.

As well, we will be working with Haitian summer camps to teach English, art therapy for orphans and health workshops to combat cholera and other diseases.

All in all, we’ve got an exciting journey ahead in which we expect to teach and be taught.

Operation Groundswell Haiti Education crew
We be educatin’!

Until next time,
Team Haiti Education

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