Into the Heart of the Amazon Jungle

Three weeks down full of diverse volunteers, old school grafting (labouring for those non-Brits reading) and more laughs than you can shake Shaman’s stick at and we’re moving on to our second project with the amazing Amazon Adventurers.

In our last days with the Primero de Mayo community we filled over 5000 bags of dirt to construct a contention wall that will prevent flood damaging. We even got cracking with building it–a hard task when each bag is at least double the weight of a standard bag of cement (25kg) when dry, which a lot weren’t.

Although it proved to be a pretty heart wrenching time bidding goodbye to Primero de Mayo, we made a connection that hopefully they nor us will ever forget…which should certainly be the case for the numerous suitors amongst the young teenagers who did everything in their power to keep our volunteers at home – including stealing their shoes.

So for the next week we’ll be off grid. Totally. No internet, no phone signal. Parents, please don’t fret, after all, it`s what mother nature would have wanted. We are starting our dry bathrooms project with student activist group Mayantu and the community of Meliton Carbajal just off of the Amazon river.

To everybody back home, take care and don’t worry!

Amazon Adventure family
The OG Amazon Adventure Family

Wishing you were with us,
Peru Amazon Adventure