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Introducing the Groundswell Education Fund!

A Letter from Our Executive Director

Let’s not beat around the bush…

We’ve just wrapped up our 8th summer of operations around the world, and already, our newly-minted backpacktivists have been reaching out to us looking for ways to get involved in the OG community. There is nothing more refreshing and inspiring for myself and for all the staff at OG to see this. To see and know that we are developing and building an educational experience that deeply impacts young adults far beyond the summer. To see that we are, slowly but surely, accomplishing our mission of changing the way the world travels.

The ongoing energy, commitment, and generosity of our growing community of ethical travellers is a source of inspiration for me and even more so today.

Today, I am incredibly proud to announce that our network of alumni and other friendly backpackers have come together to create the Groundswell Education Fund to enable more young leaders around the world to partake in an OG program.

The Groundswell Education Fund is a registered Canadian charity that provides scholarships for exceptional young people to engage in cross-cultural collaborations, get involved in meaningful community service, and develop the skills to apply those lessons back home.

Why is this so important?

Because a journey with Operation Groundswell isn’t just a “trip” to the developing world, it’s an exploration of some of the most beautiful and complex places on this earth. It’s a dive into the hard questions of oppression and privilege, cultural literacy, environmental stewardship, and solidarity. It’s a step towards global citizenship. Just read Sarindi’s story.

Now you can help us keep our groundswell rising! A donation, however big or small, will go directly to support a young person’s education in international issues, development of critical thinking, and engagement in cross-cultural collaborations. Your generous donation is an investment in the young leadership our world needs and is waiting for.

Please donate to support the Groundswell Education Fund today!

After all, how can we expect our young leaders to change the world if they’ve never really seen it?

With deep gratitude,
Eyal Rosenblum
Executive Director

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