It’s GHANA be amazing!

First off, title credit goes to OGWAD 2011 all-star Janaya Bennett. Epic wordsmithery.

The group all arrived safe and sound in Accra on May 11, and we have since had some delicious meals (egg and bread, fried rice with chicken, jolloff rice), great conversations (thanks to Akua for her great orientation talk in Accra), and we’ve made the 5 and a half hour tro-tro ride to Kumasi where we’re staying at the Guestline Lodge in Adum. The group went out and bought cell phones, so now we’re all on the grid! This post was mainly meant to let everybody know that we’re all safe, and we have made our way up to Kumasi. And I also really wanted to use the great pun Janaya came up with.

Some new skills that everybody has learned, and even mastered, include:

  • Eating with our hands
  • The handshake-finger-snap
  • Drinking water out of a bag
  • Eating delicious, spicy food

More skills to come.

For a participant’s perspective update on what’s been up and what’s to come, I recommend checking out Andrew Holliday’s blog, at He’ll be blogging throughout the trip as well.

We’re in Kumasi ’til Monday morning, at which point we make our way north! Everybody is waaaaay excited. More updates to come soon.

Much love,

Taha, Kelly, and the OGWAD Team