It’s Go Time!

The OGWAGH trip has started and all is well here in Ghana. After two intro days in Accra – filled with exploration, money exchanging, and a rather zealous visit from street artists – we trekked up to the Volta Region for our orientation in beautiful Wli, at the base of the Agumatsa falls.

Loosely translated from Ewe, “agumatsa” (pronounced a-GO-ma-cha) means “find me a way to flow.” This likely refers to the life-giving history around the river that flows high from the hills and mountains along the Ghana/Togo border; nowadays it seems to embody a “go with the flow” lifestyle that can be so refreshing. (For a few participants, this easy-going attitude may not have been so refreshing when our tro-tro driver arrived a few hours early for our long ride back home…oh well…).

In Wli, we hiked up to the Upper Falls with an awesome guide named Prosper. He showed us local flora and fauna – though luckily no snakes – and joined us for a light picnic under the mighty waterfall. Pictures from this adventure will be uploaded asap!

We are now back in Accra, soon to begin our placements in the Korle-Bu teaching hospital. Everyone moves into their homestays tomorrow – we’re not sure if the group or the families are more excited for this…

Every member of the group brings a unique attitude and outlook on life. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel around the world, gaining experience, knowledge, and a bunch of new friends, all while pursuing opportunities that align with our goals in life – professionally, socially, and philosophically alike.

More to come after we move into our amazingly awesome homes for the week. Any challenges in the next week will be confronted head on, keeping in mind the lesson we can all learn from Ewe linguistics: sometimes, you just have to go with the flow.