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A picture is worth a thousand words and these smiles say it all.


          I love Cambodia. Moving here two nearly two years ago after coming in and out for five years, there is no denying that Cambodia has stolen my heart in more than one-way. I could list hundreds of things that I love about my life in this “Kingdom of Wonder”, but we all know that it’s the people who really create the places we love.

          Cambodia is regarded as one of the friendliest countries in the world and I couldn’t agree more.  And lucky for us, Tiny Toones seems to attract the best of the best from this friendly country, setting us up for one amazing retreat on the beach with these young and aspiring leaders of tomorrow.


          Tiny Toones, an organization run by and for street-youth, runs a drop-in centre where youth can attend classes in creative hip-hop arts and non-formal education. They joined us at the beach with the best and brightest from their unique organization for our third “OGTT Leadership Retreat”.  Looking to develop a mentoring program, we hit the beach with 12 students selected by their teachers for being the best leaders and at the top of their class with 12 of Tiny Toones strongest teachers. Our time at the beach was filled with fabulous food, workshops and activities promoting self-awareness, teamwork and communication! And of course an amazing live performance put on by Tiny Toones displaying their talents from break dancing and singing to proudly presenting the ABC’s! I could go on and on, but like they say “a picture is worth a thousand words and these smiles say it all”. Needless to say, Cambodia and its beautiful people on this trip captured a few more hearts. Everyone is now off wandering around the islands of Cambodia to kick off their Independent Travel Time (ITT) for the next little while, until we reunite in Bangkok where it all began to say our farewells.

Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Amanda and the SEA Discovery Team





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