Less than a month to go, friends!

If you listen quietly, you will hear the buzz of anticipation stirring in members of Team OGWAM; from across Canada, the United States, Scotland and Nigeria, we are setting down our passports and travel visas on our desks perhaps to have them readily accessible, or perhaps just to remind us of the adventures to come. Our arms are sore from the shots we have had to take for some rainbow of fevers, and we are collecting our Malarone, inlay sheets, hobo boots, and a few books, throwing them into a small pile that will soon amount to all we really need to survive –and its entirety will weigh less than a few Ghanaian mangoes with a FanYogo on top.

Anna, our magnificent Scottish trip leader with the most endearing accent (to match her personality), is getting ready for pre-con on the 23rd, to meet the host families and NGOs with which we will be working.

After a week of cramming and subsisting on coffee and a bag of oats she found somewhere, Achelle is happy to put the med student hat away for the summer as she gears up for a quick stop in Zanzibar to chill out with an old friend, before heading to NYC to meet most of the group as we embark on the adventure of our lives.

Just about every team member has reached his or her fundraising target, and the last few are well on their way. This, together with the trip leaders’ party throwing, sponsor seeking, and media dealing, translates to the rural district of Sandema being less than a thousand dollars away from having a brand new ultrasound machine. Team, please take a moment to pat yourself on the back for your incredible work, and to revel in what this means for the people of Sandema. Amazing job!

If you’re a family member or friend of OGWAM and would like to help us collect that last thousand, please visit: http://og.dojiggy.com/pledge/index.cfm?mid=ultrasoundforsandema&EventID=7713