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Crater Lake

Lions, and Zebras, and Giraffes? Welcome to Naivasha!

Written by Andree Nesta Rosen and Liam Russel, 2014 East Africa Discovery.

NAIVASHA!! What a place! After waking up on another beautiful African day, we travelled to the lakeside of Naivasha. We stopped briefly along the way, about 30 minutes outside of Nairobi along an escarpment running beside the Great Rift Valley. What an amazing site to take in. Seeing for miles and miles, and just making your thoughts breeze. Simply beautiful.


RiftValley Grup

2014 East Africa Discovery at the Great Rift Valley. Photo by: Adam Darell

After the 2 hour bus ride to Naivasha, we landed at the Fisherman’s camp. A beautiful place running along the shoreline of Lake Naivasha. Monkeys, and birds during the day and then the nocturnal hippo in the evening. The monkeys were fearless and stole bananas right from under our noses and the hippos were beautiful, docile creatures that enjoyed a kilo of grass or two.


Photo by: Linda Ozromano

At the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo by: Linda Ozromano

We went on several safaris. The first one we went on was in the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary. After seeing many a warthog, waterbuck, and zebra, everyone was looking out for the giraffes in the sanctuary and the single lion named George.

Exploring Crater Lake

Exploring the surroundings of Crater Lake. Photo by: Andree Nesta Rosen

The second safari we went on was at Crater Lake, where we walked amongst the animals. We tried to get within reaching distance of those animals, but they always ran away. OH WELL! C’est la vie.


Driving through Kampala

Onward to Kampala! Photo by: Linda Ozromano

We’re now en route to Kampala, Uganda…ready to take in some more gorgeous sights and meet with some of OG’s incredible partners on the ground.

2014 East Africa Discovery

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