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Machu Picchu and the Ancient Energy of the Incans

Written by Mickey Myers, 2014 Peru Mind & Body. 

The group began on top of the mountain, stepping out of the van and into the clouds. From there, we mounted our bikes and began our descent into the lush, green valley below. The clouds wrapped lazily, like a peaceful snake, around the towering mountains, and we whizzed right through them as the rocky road guided us down. With each turn in the road we were flung around the side of the mountain, screaming with adrenaline and pure joy at the beauty of life. As our bikes splashed through streams across our path, the scenery became more green and vibrant; the crisp mountain air was replaced by the wet heat of the jungle, crawling with life. Our ride took us to a small town, nestled away in the palm trees of the valley, and we spent the rest of our waning day playing with some of the local children in the park.

Biking above the clouds on our first day of our Incan Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu

Biking above the clouds on our first day of our Incan Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu.

The next morning was a battle with the rushing river. The group piled into our rafts and cruised through the Class 3 rapids at the bottom of the canyon. The sun warmed the water that splashed our smiling faces and tossed us back and forth, as we laughed and screamed and thrust our paddles forcefully into the raging river. It was a wonderful reminder of the raw forces of the world, and we all felt that humbling mix of energy and relative size that comes from powerful interactions with nature. We spent the remainder of the our day weaving up, down, and around the mountains on foot; taking breaks to relax in secluded jungle hammocks strewn between papaya trees, and learning about the history of the Incan culture throughout the valley.

The group gathered their courage the next morning to whiz across South America’s longest zipline. As we flew, hollering through the air, we were stunned with the most spectacular views of the deep valley below. The wind blew viciously through our wild hair. Our feet dangling over the forests of the canyon, we raced the eagles.


Ziplining between mountains!

On the morning of the solstice, we rose before the sun and our excitement carried us up the steep and winding mountain path as the sun gradually drenched the sky with a deep, rosy hue. When we finally reached the top of the mountain, the sheer force of Machu Picchu (or maybe it was the altitude) was breathtaking. Sitting together leaning against an ancient stone wall, we watched the sun come up over the mountain and light up the Lost City. Walking along those cobble-stone streets and crumbling temples, it was easy to imagine yourself in the historic kingdom, snacking on a potato or observing the stars through an astronomical water mirror. The ancient energy of the Incans was tangible through those formidable stone walls, and we were all stunned into silent reverie.

Meg and Christina getting their zen on at Machu Picchu

Meg and Christina getting their zen on at Machu Picchu.

Mickey Myers, 2014 Peru Mind & Body

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