This single-origin coffee is grown and sold by members of the San Miguel Escobar coffee cooperative who work with an organization called De La Gente to process and sell their gourmet coffee beans. Whole bean.

VARIETIES: Bourbon, catuai and caturra
ALTITUDE: 1500+ m.a.s.l.
METHOD: Washed, sun dried
NOTES: Lemon-like citrus, floral, sweet with a hint of caramel
ROSAT: Full City. This is our favourite roast, and is somewhere between Medium and Dark. It mutes a bit of the acidity, but brings out the sweetness and body of the beans.

MADE BY: Café Artisanal San Miguel Entre Volcanes
REGION: San Miguel, Guatemala
De La Gente is an NGO committed to supporting small-scale coffee farmers and producers export their high quality coffee. They provide micro-financing and support so that farmers can see how coffee can be a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Filberto’s Story

Filberto is one of Granito’s coffee farmers, and is a member of The San Miguel Escobar Cooperative (Café Artesanal San Miguel). This co-op is a 30-member group of smallholder coffee farmers located near Antigua, Guatemala. Situated on the slopes of Volcán Agua, San Miguel is home to many coffee farmers, some of whom have learned that the extra effort put into processing specialty grade, high quality coffee pays off!

The co-op got its kickstart working with the organization De La Gente (a long time OG partner), and now works with others like Granito Coffee. Their goals are to improve the livelihoods of their families and communities, help local youth see a future in coffee farming, organize community-based tourism and strive towards a more equitable and inclusive coffee industry.


Café La Voz


Café Santa Anita



In a time where the delivery of goods from halfway around the world to your doorstep is normalized, we at OG want to ensure that the products we bring are done so with the earth in mind. That’s why we’ve worked hard to optimize our supply chain so that your stuff doesn’t spend half of its life in transit, contributing even more to carbon emissions. We purchase the products from the makers, and send them to you. That’s it. When we keep the planet top of mind, we all win.


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    Granito Coffee sources its beans from three cooperatives in Guatemala. Each of these cooperatives has its own story, but all are committed to making coffee a sustainable part of their communities. Cooperativas La Voz, San Miguel and Santa Anita are all working towards a more just and equitable coffee industry by reinvesting profits into education, social programs and coffee innovation.


    Like the OG Marketplace, Granito Coffee uses socially minded importers & exporters who share our values and vision. Interamerican supplies specialty green coffee to roasters across North America. De La Gente is a long time partner of OG’s, and continues to work with small-holder coffee farmers and cooperatives.


    Then, Granito works with a local roaster in Toronto to turn those green beans into something even more beautiful! They package the beans in house and take their coffee to markets, and sell it direct to consumer online (as well as through the OG Marketplace). Granito is committed to making good coffee a little better for all of us.


    Then, the coffee goes online (or to markets here in Toronto) and are delivered directly to you! With no physical retail space and by keeping our operating costs as low as possible, we can offer both the producers and you, our consumers, the fairest price around.

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