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To join an OG program, participants pay both a fee and a Community Contribution. The Community Contribution portion goes into OG’s Community Contribution Fund, which is used to support our partners directly. It is separate from the fee so that participants know exactly how much we use to fund their projects and work.

Our partners submit project proposals to OG, and funds are directed to those projects. The fun part for participants is that when we visit them on our programs we often interact with or learn about those projects that they directly supported with your Community Contribution! Through the marketplace, you get to contribute further to the incredible folks who made the products here.

Any amount helps, and goes a long way to continuing the important work that our partners do.

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Where Does It Go?

Community Contributions are distributed to partners to fund key projects in the places we travel to on our programs. Whether it be kickstarting a new organization like Ghana Medical Help, contributing to long-term sustainability projects like Spiti Ecosphere, or supporting community development initiatives like that in Pacux, we work with our partners to ensure the impact will be long-lasting and meaningful.


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In a time where the delivery of goods from halfway around the world to your doorstep is normalized, we at OG want to ensure that the products we bring are done so with the earth in mind. That’s why we’ve worked hard to optimize our supply chain so that your stuff doesn’t spend half of its life in transit, contributing even more to carbon emissions. We purchase the products from the makers, and send them to you. That’s it. When we keep the planet top of mind, we all win.

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