These high-quality cotton face masks are handmade in Guatemala with handwoven textiles using the traditional Mayan back-strap loom. The thick fabric is both soft and helps to keep you protected, and also assure our women artisans jobs during this difficult time of COVID-19. The face masks have three protective layers of fabric: handwoven cotton, synthetic interfacing in middle, and an inside soft cotton lining. They are machine washable and we recommend that you air-dry these. There are two styles available: the traditional behind the ear mask, and the other style that goes behind your head.

*Colours will vary, but please contact us at marketplace@operationgroundswell.com if you’d like to choose something specific!

MADE BY: Yabal Women’s Cooperative
REGION: Santa Catarina, Guatemala
This product supports the improvement of opportunity and quality of life for Indigenous women in the Western Highlands of Guatemala through Fair Trade and sustainable fashion, while preserving the traditional art of back-strap weaving.



Dominga’s Story

Dominga is one of the leaders of Yabal’s women’s weaving cooperative in the community of Pacutama in Guatemala. Her involvement with Yabal empowered her to pursue leadership in her community, and she became the first woman member of the community’s leadership council.

The opportunity, skills and self-sufficiency Dominga has from weaving with Yabal have made her more confident, and importantly lets her help to make decisions that will affect the entire community. While before, women never left their communities or had a say, Dominga is forging her path and empowering other women to advocate for themselves and be represented in leadership positions.


Toiletry Bag


Yoga Mat Carrier





In a time where the delivery of goods from halfway around the world to your doorstep is normalized, we at OG want to ensure that the products we bring are done so with the earth in mind. That’s why we’ve worked hard to optimize our supply chain so that your stuff doesn’t spend half of its life in transit, contributing even more to carbon emissions. We purchase the products from the makers, and send them to you. That’s it. When we keep the planet top of mind, we all win.


While lots of e-commerce products go through tons of steps before reaching the consumer, we’ve done our best to shrink that chain. And, where a step can’t be avoided, we’ve found companies & intermediaries that align with our values and goals. We do this by purchasing directly from the retailers, packaging & shipping products ourselves, and more.

  1. YABAL

    The women’s weaving collective designs and creates the products. They then and sell them directly through Yabal locally to visitors, online, and wholesale to retailers like us.

  2. UTZ

    We use UTZ, a Guatemalan transport service, to get the products to Toronto. Their mission is to connect Guatemalan artisans & social entrepreneurs to the world. UTZ was founded to help artists and small businesses share their products with the rest of the world. utzmeansgood.com.


    Then, the products go online (or to markets here in Toronto) and are delivered directly to you! With no physical retail space and by keeping our operating costs as low as possible, we can offer both the producers and you, our consumers, the fairest price around.

Meet the makers

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