With only one of each colour and style in stock, these scarves are truly one-of-a-kind. Hand knitted by Juana in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala, these warm & thick scarves are equal parts practical (cozy) and beautiful. It is the perfect gift for moms, grand-moms, aunts, relatives, mentors, teachers or yourself! To read more about Juana’s story and the impact of covid-19 on her community, check out this article.

MADE BY: Juana Mendoza
REGION: San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala
This product supports Juana’s weaving business and livelihood. For the past six months, Juana and her family have not sold a single product due to the lack of tourism and COVID-19.


Juana learned the art of backstrap weaving at a very young age from her mother, and she runs a small textile craft shop with her children. Juana has been weaving for 32 years and is now teaching her daughter, Marly, this traditional way of creating fabrics. For the last six months Juana and her family have not sold a single product because their primary clients, the tourists who used to visit town every day, are gone. This has had a huge impact on Juana’s family economy, an effect that is reflected in the family diet and activities. She is hopeful that she will be able to keep her shop open until travellers once again return to San Juan!


Hand Woven Face Mask


Juana’s Knitted Shawl


Hand Woven Dragon Pillow



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    Juana sells her products directly to us. They are made by her and her daughter in the family shop in San Juan, and each piece is made with care & love.

  2. UTZ

    We use UTZ, a Guatemalan transport service, to get the products to Toronto. Their mission is to connect Guatemalan artisans & social entrepreneurs to the world. UTZ was founded to help artists and small businesses share their products with the rest of the world. utzmeansgood.com.


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