The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide

The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide is a digital publication that brings together stories and recipes from Operation Groundswell’s international network of partners. Join us as we step into the lives and kitchens of change-making people and their organizations as they give us a taste of their home-cooked favourites. From delicious snack foods to traditional beverages and hearty soups for the soul, learn about our partners, their cultures and their missions through the universal language of food!

The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide is being offered for a minimum of $10 on a pay-what-you-can model. We want the Backpacktivist’s Food Guide to be as accessible as possible and enjoyed by many in a time where COVID-19 has impacted everyone in some way. The suggested price for the e-book is $20. As we gather more stories and recipes, this book will evolve, too! Your one-time purchase of The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide gives you access to all future iterations and editions of the book.

All proceeds of the OG Cookbook will go to our Community Contributions which support our partners’ ongoing projects and work.

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Making Kakou Soup with Sokha

Sokha Youn and his family have a farm in Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia where local and international visitors come together to learn about sustainable agriculture practices. His passion for food is infectious, as is quite apparent from this video!

While it wasn’t required or requested, Sokha took the time to create this incredible video that shows the process of preparing a traditional vegetable and meat soup. He uses home-grown ingredients and lots of love to make this dish. Check out the video, and get the full recipe on pg. 64 of The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide.


Mayan Wallet


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While we love the feeling of a good book in our hands as much as the next person, we decided to make the first edition of The Backpacktivist’s Food Guide digital. Not only does this minimize its impact on the environment from production to shipping, it also makes it more accessible to our global community. Going digital meant we could keep the costs low, the impact lower, and the supply chain ultra-transparent! The recipes & stories came from our partners, we put them all together, and you get to enjoy it. That’s it. When we keep the planet top of mind, we all win.


This book is the product of many beautiful people and their stories. So much love, culture and history was poured into these stories and recipes, and this book truly belongs to them. Here are some of the organizations who co-authored this book!

  1. Willy is the founder of DESGUA, an organization dedicated to promoting economic and educational opportunities for Mayan communities and returned migrants or what they call the “Guatemalan dream”. A trained chef, lover of food and creative in the kitchen, Willy’s recipes showcase both local fare while drawing inspiration from his unique experiences abroad.

  2. In the Spiti Valley of the Himalaya, Ishita and her team host an organization called Ecosphere. Ecosphere uses eco-tourism to promote environmental and cultural preservation in Spiti, and its guests are always blown away by the home-cooked mountain meals Ishita prepares. She has shared a few classic regional dishes with us to enjoy in the places we call home.

  3. Deep in the Amazon jungle in the town of Tarapoto, San MartĂ­n, Alfredo and his team at EcoAldeas believe that communities are, themselves, living things and that their development should be nurtured accordingly. Sustainable agriculture is an important part of this, and EcoAldeas prepares delicious fare for visitors using locally sourced vegetables and ingredients that showcase the region’s biodiversity.

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