OG Loves, Loves, Loves PP

OG Loves, Loves, Loves PP

Sadly, it’s time to say good bye to Phnom Penh. Originally the group was concerned that our 8 days in PP would be too many, but the city worked its magic on each and every participant. When asked if they were liking PP, there was a resounding YES amongst the group followed by disbeleif at our imminent departure. Tomorrow morning we head down to Sihanoukville with the Tiny Toones crew! Everyone is super stoked for the ocean and an opportunity to get to know some of these young Khmer leaders.

Phnom Penh is a difficult place to summarize so instead let us try and paint a bit of a picture…

hot, busy, calm, beautiful, dirty, break dancing, teaching, soccer, night markets, boat cruises, the Mekong, “hey lady”, motorcycle rides, the Killing Fields, the S21 prison, tragedy, education, change, smiles, sugar cane, SOS, chicken pocks, an elephant with shoes, monks, Tiny Toones, hip hop, aerobics in the park, music, ¬†late nights, early mornings, university classes, late night hamburgers, Save the Children of Asia, tuk tuk adventures, garbage dumps, slums, A New Day Cambodia, respect, family, pajamas everywhere, Khmer scarfs, eating tarantulas, roof top bars, swimming pools, live music, lady boys, Nerd Night, new friends, bamboo, pottery, fruit, bean ice cream, good byes, conflicts, resolutions, cooperation, support, positivity…

Hope that helps but you should probably just come see it for yourself.

Good Night and Good Luck from Phnom Penh!!