Toronto Travel Massive

OG Teams Up With Toronto Travel Massive!

This Wednesday, March 26th, Operation Groundswell will be hosting a meet-up in collaboration with Toronto Travel Massive where we’ll unpack what exactly it means to travel ethically and volunteer responsibly in an international setting. We’re super excited to connect with the wider travel community so join us for a bite, a pint and a lively discussion at Betty’s on King! For more information and to RSVP, click here.

The following is a guest blog from Toronto Travel Massive’s lead organizer, Cristina, on what exactly TTM is and what makes it such an incredible initiative. 

Toronto Travel Massive is part of the biggest travel industry meet-up around the world! Represented in 33+ cities worldwide, it is a global initiative to connect people in the travel industry at a local level. From experienced round-the-world travellers to adventurers just getting their feet wet, it brings together travel bloggers, writers, photographers, and enthusiasts to meet, learn, and collaborate. We’re proud to say Toronto is now the second largest Travel Massive meet-up globally….and we’re still growing!

Toronto Travel Massive

What Makes us Unique

Travel Massive events are run by the community for the community and they are free to attend by anyone with an interest in travel. Our best strength is the support system Travel Massive offers to talented people doing good things. Our goal is to build and network with other like-minded bloggers while creating personal, face-to-face relationships with travel brands that share our beliefs for living and traveling with a purpose. Whether it’s to explore a different culture, embark on a new adventure, or indulge in exotic foods, we always come home with unforgettable memories and life-changing experiences.

More than Travel

But just as much as the world gives us, as travellers we recognize the importance to give back. This month we are excited to team up with Operation Groundswell to inspire and educate us on how to be better travellers and even better global citizens. Voluntourism is currently one of the fastest growing trends in tourism and this upcoming event aims to show attendees how to travel more ethically, make better sustainable choices, and use our travels as a way to make a difference in the places we visit.

Travel is more than just visiting picture-perfect cities, beaches or landscapes. It is also about leaving a positive impact on communities, our environment, and the people whom we share this incredible planet with.


Join Operation Groundswell and Toronto Travel Massive for what’s sure to be an engaging night! Space is limited so RSVP to attend this month’s edition of Toronto Travel Massive here.