Peru: A “Winning” Perspective

Greetings from Pisco!

Last you read there was a very competitive scavenger hunt throughout Lima with a pizza party on the line. You guessed it, Megan and Chris (Team America) pulled off a very close race and were even nice enough to invite the rest of the crew to da party!

The strategy involved some very loud gringo gear to embrace our tourist side, a unique look into the city and necessary requirements to win the five hour race. In our first order of business we created, out of Chris’ cape, a finish line for an eager little rollerblader competing in a marathon. We stood out with some Wisconsin tourists in McDonalds but stood out even more with some Tai Chi in the park. We were able to have conversations with policemen who would rather direct us to tourist locations than direct traffic. We met a couple in the Parque de Amor (Park of Love) that were more than willing to inform us about Peru, call their son to tell us a good Spanish joke, and even share an embrace in the heart we created out of ourselves.

In proper team spirit we should give a shout out to the other teams that ate guinea pig…ew. A Spice Girls inspired song done completely in Spanish and even a one on one with the self proclaimed Mayor’s daughter.

The next morning, sad to leave the awesome hostel, but excited to start what we came here for. A long bus ride later we arrived at Pisco Sin Fronteras. This organization has lived up to all of our expectations and then some. Living in “the Fort” that we call headquarters, we were pleasantly surprised to meet all 70 volunteers with the same drive and desire to help.

We want to wrap this up with a rap, inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which gave us the necessary points to claim a victory to the Ninja-Turtle themed scavenger hunt.

In North America we were born and raised. In Lima is where we’ve spent 4 or 5 days.

Chillin out in Miraflores, wishing there was a pool. But the terrace we must admit is pretty cool.

When a couple of leaders…we still think they’re up to no good. Sent us to search the neighborhood.

So with a sheet in our hand, and Rafael by our side, we did Tai Chi in the park and didn’t try to hide.

We almost got attacked by the cats who wanted a taste, but not before helping a little girl win a race.

We figured we’d find some gringos buying a mac, but didn’t think we’d meet two policemen who loved to chat.

We met an old couple who had a moment in the middle. Then talked to their son on the phone and had a little giggle.

To our surprise lots of people wanted to help. On the pizza we’ll have everything but kelp!


Team America out.