Peru: Contact Numbers

Greetings blog followers,

As we await the arrival of the Disaster Relief group with anticipation and excitement, we wanted to post the group cell phone numbers. These can be called anytime, day or night, in case of emergency. You must first dial internationally (often 011 but sometimes 01 or 001), followed by the country code of Peru, 051, and then our local numbers.

Jonah´s cell: (051) 971860029

Laura´s cell: (051) 973977364

The group should have access to Internet on a fairly consistent basis throughout the course of the program. We will be in Lima from May 11th-15th and then Pisco from May 15th-June 1st. After that, we will travel up to Cuzco and the group will begin climbing Machu Picchu on June 4th. As the Spanish never even discovered this incredily mountainous area, we figure the likelihood of cellphone and Internet capability is slim to none for five days. Independent Travel Time starts on June 9th and ends with the Disorientation on June 18th where we should have Internet access again.

Wish us luck,

Team Peru