After a grueling couple of weeks, we finally have a winner! The pictures in this photo comp truly blew us out of the water this year. It was such a beautiful snapshot of the incredible adventures that OGers have been a part of over the years and it brought tears to our eyes, looking through all of the photos for the first time.

In the end, however, there can be only one. Well actually three. But only one first place winner… Keila Paul!

First Place Winner – Keila!

First Prize

“Beautifully at peace, this monk takes an afternoon rest in a temple called “The Faces of Bayon”, one of the 1000 temples in Angkor, Cambodia.” – Southeast Asia Discovery 2011

Second Place Winner – BB!!


“Too much monkeying around! Time for a cat nap, African-style.” – West Africa Discovery 2010

Third Place Winner – Leigh!!!


“This photo’s is from the OG Peru Disaster Relief Trip in 2011, from our ITT in Bolvia (Salt Flats Tour.) I think they represent the sense of authenticity that OG travel provides to the not-so-average backpacking, adventure seeking jokester. We had a truly life-changing time on our trip and rarely does a day go by that we don’t chuckle to ourselves over an inside joke or heart-felt experience from our trip. Thanks OG!” – Peru Disaster Relief 2011

We couldn’t resist… Best Photo Caption – Colleen


“When life gives you lemons, wait for a bus in the hot, African sun for 9 hours and make lemonade with pure wata sachets.” – Colleen

A big thank you to all of our photo competition entrants. We had a blast looking over these pictures and we are gearing up for more competitions for the future! Stay tuned on our facebook page!