Poetry for Peru, Poetry for You

So some intrepid backpacktivists are off to Peru,
Yet you have no idea what they are going to do!
Well in this witty ode, penned from our humble abode,
We will do our upmost to try to explain it to you.


In Lima we’ll start with some culture and Spanish,
Some history, some dancing and ceviche (that’s fish!)
We’ll dabble in some yoga, with Meg there to show ya,
The Art of Living, from a first week what more could you wish!




We’ll journey through mountains, on to Cusco, then Pisac,
And to the Ccapas who, each year, just keep asking us back.
We’ll work on their farms, until you can’t feel your arms,
Then it’s time, once again, to strap on your backpack.


As from there we all venture toward Machu Picchu,
A 5-day trek and plenty cheery locals to greet you!
And when that mist starts to lift, thus revealing its gift,
The Lost City! Its mystifying presence awaits you!


And then on to what we call your ITT
Your chance to travel!  For a whole 9 long days you are free!
Some get their surf on, others go to the Amazon,
All that time in Peru, what would you go to see?


We then wrap it all up with disorientation,
In Huacachina, the oasis, our desert location.
We’ll laugh and we’ll cry, as we all bid goodbye,
It’s just the start of a lifetime of world exploration!