Pre-con Coming to an End

After over 2 weeks alone (and another 5 days lol I came way too early!) I am super stoked to pick up everyone from the airport in Chennai. We have some amazing things planned for the next six weeks.

Starting in Chennai, we will be staying in a secure and somewhat clean guesthouse. Our first few days will be filled with shopping in the bazaars while the group perfects their bartering skills, ending with a relaxing night on Marina beach while we sample various southern Indian cuisine.

Next we head to Pondicherry, a region colonized by the french and certainly friendly to those from outside the country. Our in-country contact, Raj, will show us all that Pondi has to offer, including tours through Sadhana Forest and Auroville, the gorgeous beaches, and incredible temples and churches. We will be staying in a three level guesthouse where, for those who choose to, we will be sleeping on the roof!  

Bangalore…this is going to be more than amazing! We have a suite in a gorgeous hotel reserved for all seven girls- can someone say two week slumber party!!!!!!!

Here is where our work starts. Several of the girls will be working in schools that teach to kids who live in the slums of Bangalore. We will be showing them where these kids come from and how they live, this will be contrasted with the English lessons these kids (aged 3 to 5) will recieve from OG. I don’t know who will learn more from this experience- the participants or the kids. All-in-all this will be a very sobering experience.

The other half of participants will be building a rainwater tank for a school located about 2 hours outside of Bangalore. This school teaches to about 100 students. Currently this school does not have access to clean water and must resort to using water from the surrounding local families. These families will then have to walk about 2 or 3 kilometers to collect more water, all the while using buckets with holes in the bottom, leaving these women with no choice but to make 2 or 3 trips in a day. This is going to be intense manual labour from digging 10 feet into the ground to the installation of pipelines…oh and did I mention is it about 40 degrees here??????? 

To put the cherry on top of this incredible journey, these activities and experiences will be documented and put into a video for all participants to take home as a nice sovenir.

Afterwards the group will depart for ITT and reunite for disorientation at THE TAJ!!!!!!

I cannot wait for the group to get here! All of this preparation is finally paying off as the trip is only a few days from launching and I am soooo pumped!