Puzzle Pieces Peru


So, it’s day four of Body and Mind Peru, and we’re just getting revved up! All of our group got here by Monday morning and we set off on a Biking Tour of the coast of Lima. All I can say is wow. I’ve never felt so close to heaven than standing on the cliffs of Miraflores. The surf crashed along the beaches below us and the sun tanned our faces as we listened to some of the History of Lima. We continued onto Barranco and crossed the wishing bridge and heard about the shining cross next to the Hermita Church. We got to Chorillos and stood on the cliff of the Jumping Monk. Incredible. What an amazing place to get the opportunity to explore.
On Tuesday, we went to Spanish lessons in the morning and then we went to Pachacutek, a small shanty town about two hours outside of Lima’s center. That was an adventure! We had the privledge of visiting Mikel’s host family when he was last volunteering in Peru. What an insanely humbling and beautiful experience. I was moved by the family’s immediate love and generiousity for us. I started crying as we listened to the man speak. He was so soft-spoken and yet so passionate. Amazing.

Wednesday was more Spanish lessons again (hot dang we’re almost fluent!) and then we got to go to the Museum de la Nation to learn about the terrorist attacks of ‘the Shining Path’. That was such a heartbreaking experience. The photographic documentation was intense. It was the little details-the untied shoelaces, or the shirt with a button undone that pained me most. Just knowing that they were ordinary people that got up that morning and got mixed up in the wrong things.

Finally, today we had our second last spanish lesson and then we went to the Canadian Embassey to talk to some Of the Canadian Ambassators about the Peruvian and Canadian relationship.
Next we are heading to Cuzco for the start of our volunteer work. We will be working at a farm, and also rebuilding a playground. We are also doing some workshops with some of the community. I can’t wait to start. Hopefully there wil be less wolf-whistling from the Peruvian Men there!

I think the biggest blessing of being here is the friendships we are making within our own group. How many other times in my life will I get to hang out with a girl who grew up in the Congo, lives in Montreal and speaks Spanish, English, and French. Or a h-core feminist, a fresh-faced US gal who has never been on a plane before, and a film student from England who speaks fluent Spanish? I’m gonna say never. Such a unique opportunity for growth and development, and a lot of self-discovery.

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Becca McD, Canada