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Revisiting Femme International

Written by Sabrina Rubli, former OG Program Leader and Co-Founder of Femme International.

In 2014, Femme International was a recipient of OG’s Alumni Project Fund to help fund our Feminine Health Management Programs in Kenya and Tanzania. The FHM Program is all about using health education to keep girls in school – every day of the month – by providing them with the tools necessary to take control of their bodies.

For a small NGO, having access to such a grassroots funding program was a huge benefit for us. Fundraising is always hard, especially for young organizations. But the money we received from the Project Fund helped push Femme forward in a much faster way – we finally had a bit more financial freedom to achieve bigger and better goals! We were able to use this money to hire and train three local facilitators in Nairobi, Kenya and even expand into Moshi, Tanzania. As a result, our team reached over 550 beneficiaries in 2014 alone, building partnerships with new schools and community based organizations.

We also were able to launch the Boys Health Management program to complement the FHM Program, teaching schoolboys about their own health – but also issues of consent and gender equality.


Operation Groundswell is proud to support an exceptional alumni who is truly pushing the boundaries of innovation, sustainability, and solidarity. For years now, we’ve granted more than $50,000 to innovative projects led by our alumni backpacktivists around the world. This is the groundswell our organization was named after.

We’re excited to announce that we are, once again, accepting applications for our Alumni Project Fund. If you are a former program leader or participant with a groundbreaking change-making solution, you can apply for a grant to make your ideas a reality. Learn more and download the application form here.

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