Safe in Bangkok

After too many hours on planes, the SE Asia Discovery group is now happily in Bangkok. We arrived at 9:30 pm last night, settled in at our guesthouse and had our first introductory activity. The group seems really excited to meet each other and to explore Thailand together.

The night ended with a stop at a street stall where the owner looks like a Thai version of the Disney character Aladdin. Constantly saying and re-saying his only English expression, “Welcome to Thailand!” the group definitely got a kick out of him.

Today, we began the day with some fruits and yogurt for breakfast on Soi Rambutri, followed by some fun activities at a nearby park. We’re going to head to Chatuchak market, Bangkok’s famous weekend market, this afternoon. Tonight we’ll be meeting with some local friends and going out for an authentic Thai meal far from the tourist traps of Koh San road.

After seeing the news this morning, I would say that everyone was shocked to hear of the numerous deaths surrounding the street protests. While this may seem scary from afar, our night in Bangkok was quite relaxing and we knew nothing of the situation until reading CBC news online this morning. We are avoiding the protest areas, only remaining in the safest parts of Bangkok and constantly asking our local friends and contacts whether certain areas are safe.

We will update tomorrow or the next day but if you’d like to reach us, please check the ‘Contact’ page for our phone number in Thailand.