Sandemians in Accra

Hey Everyone!

Much has happened since we last blogged. We have been in Accra for over a week now. We spent our first week running around Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in the Cardio Thoracic Unit where we were able to check out the clinics in OPD, go for rounds with the doctor(s), visit the theatre and watch a surgery (colon bypass), and finally learn how to (basically) run the dialysis unit.

In the afternoons we all enjoy meeting for lunch and exploring tema market, the national art centre, and the rest of Accra.

Last Thursday we all went out to Frankie’s for a much needed Burger and Fries dinner to celebrate Jon’s birthday. We were happy to also have our friend Gaby join us. It was so nice to have some good food that didn’t include bread or rice…plus the cake was amazing.

This weekend we made our way over to Cape Coast to see the castle and go for a walk (or run) on the canopy walk at Kankum National Park. We started the weekend off on a rough note when we found out Taryn had to leave due to personal circumstances. We all miss her tons already. Once we had settled into cape coast, the boys went to frolic at the beach together while the rest of the group visited the town. It was quite a hectic weekend but we enjoyed seeing the castle and most of us enjoyed running across terrifying canopy bridges…

Now that we’re back in Accra for our second and final week, we are trying to get all that we can out of our placements at the hospital as well as attempting to get everything done in the city before we run around Ghana during ITT. Jon and I were able to go to the Accident/Trauma Unit today to watch a broken femur get repaired, while Tarek and Caroline went to observe a heart surgery.

We’re all super excited to get going on our independent travel adventures but sad to leave the hospital and our host families here.

Only 17 more days to go!

Caitlin and OGWAM.