Spread the word and you could win!

Shout it Out!

This year, in time for International Development Studies week, we are mobilizing in universities across North America. We’re asking our professors for a brief moment at the start of our classes to share a message about backpacking with a purpose.  It’s something not many students have thought about, but changing the way we travel can change the way we relate to the world and to each other.

We’re trying to reach as many classrooms as possible, so we’ve made this a contest and a competition! Here’s how it works:

Shout it out!
You’ll have from February 1st to 14th to spread the message far and wide!  We will help you craft your announcement.

Turn ‘em in!
OGHQ will provide simple sign-up sheets for you to print then distribute while you speak. Send those back to OGHQ and we’ll reach out to the folks who are interested.

You could win!
We’re raffling off one (1) $750 discount on a program fee!  Each email address collected is one entry in the raffle.  In addition, our refer-a-buddy promotion applies to the email addresses collected during this contest.  Contest participants are eligible to earn a $100 gift card to MEC or REI each time they recruit a new team member .  Click here for more details on the Refer-A-Buddy program.

Contest Rules:

1.  You may participate in this contest if you are going on a program in the spring or summer of 2015.

2.  The contest period is February 1-14, 2015.  Announcements may only be made during the contest period.

3.  Sign-up sheets must be scanned and sent to OGHQ (to eric@operationgroundswell.com) within 48 hours of each announcement. Clearly legible photographs are also acceptable.  Sign-up sheets will be accepted until midnight on February 15th, 2015.

4.  There is no limit on the number of announcements you may make or the number of email address you may collect.

5.  Each email address you collect on a sign-up sheet will correspond to 1 raffle entry.

6.  The winner of the raffle will receive a $750 discount on their program fee.  The discount is transferrable as long as it is used on a program in the spring or summer of 2015.

7.  Participants in this contest are also eligible to earn rewards as defined by the rules of the Refer-A-Buddy promotion.