Solidarity and Growth: Introducing OG’s Partnership Report

Since 2012, OGHQ has put enormous effort into creating a Fundraising Report that explains how each fundraised dollar is utilized by the projects and partners they have gone towards.

In the OG spirit of continuous self-improvement, we’ve decided to shake things up a little bit. We are proud to present our first ever Partnership Report! Beyond the dollars donated to each partner, the report uncovers impact. Over time we have come to realize that the focus of this report should be on our partners – the powerful people we stand in solidarity with and whose work inspires us every day to create a more caring and just world.

You’ll notice we have also included a “Space for Growth” section in this year’s report. As much as we want to share our successes from this past year, we also want to be open and honest about our challenges. We want to demonstrate how we are learning from these experiences, moving forward from them, and continuing to grow as an organization and as partners.

Read OG’s 2014 Partnership Report


We thank our backpacktivists and their fearless leaders. Not only did they implement the projects and connect with our partners, the adventurers’ journeys began when they reached out to their networks and raised money for the cause before even hopping on that plane. Our strong partnerships and community impacts are evidence of this hard work and for that we are grateful.

We hope you’ll take the time to read the report and celebrate these successes with us!
With love,
Your friends at OGHQ
Erika, Shannon, Justine, Laura, Ben, Laura, and Eyal